Lineshaft Conveyors

A lineshaft conveyor is powered by a shaft located beneath the rollers. 

Lineshaft are the most versatile and economical conveyors for material handling with the unique advantage that a number of ancillary (slave) modules can be driven from one (driven) motor. (See diagram in technical details)

Our conveyors are supplied fitted with either High or Low Profiles please state your requirements on the quotation form.

Please Note: Don’t forget to add Support Stands and End Stops if you require them by visiting the Accessories and Spares section. 


All CMECS conveyors are manufactured in-house at our factory in the East Midlands.

What are Lineshaft Conveyors?

Lineshaft driven conveyors are low pressure friction drive accumulating conveyors.

Rollers are driven from a driveshaft that spans the full length of the conveying bed via Polyurethane (PU) drive bands. The PU drive bands are fitted over drive spools which rotate around the drive shaft allowing the rollers to stop when line pressure or a braking device is applied.

Why or Where to use Lineshaft Conveyors

Lineshaft conveyors are particularly useful for handling products such as cardboard boxes and plastic tote boxes. Lineshaft is especially good in applications such as order picking or production lines and simple bar-coding sortation systems.

Key Features

  • Quiet operation
  • Easy installation
  • Economical
  • Versatile
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe for operators
  • Better for larger items that span 3 or more rollers

Technical Information

Diagram shows a detached Lineshaft conveyor line.


Lineshaft conveyors will be supplied to you by the metre. You will be asked to state the meterage required when submitting your quotation request.

Choose High or Low Profiles to suit your requirements at no cost differential.

Module lengths are divisable by the chosen roller pitch.

1 drive station can power up to approximately 20 metres of conveyor (without accumulation)


Made In Britain: We are a proud member of the Made In Britain Campaign.

Fast Turnaround: Our standard conveyors can be with you within 4-5 working days of order placement.

Easy Assembly: Our standard conveyors are easy to install with the manual provided. If you should require any further help we are just a phone call away.

12 Month Guarantees: All of our products are offered with a full 12 month guarantee.

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