24 Volt Roller Conveyors

24 Volt Powered Roller Conveyors provide a neat, economical and quiet material handling solution.

Powered Roller Conveyors

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All CMECS conveyors are manufactured in-house at our factory in the East Midlands

What are 24 Volt Motorised Roller Conveyors

24 Volt Motorised Roller Conveyors are divided into 'Zero Line Pressure' (ZLP) zones, each zone fitted with a motorised roller (RollerDrive), Zone Control Card and Zone Sensor.

These components allow each zone to be independently controlled providing drive only when required without the need for external controls, thus reducing energy consumption, conveyor noise levels and thereby increasing the longevity of your system.

The stop/start action of the RollerDrive is automatically controlled via a Zone Sensor fitted adjacent to each RollerDrive, thereby creating a Zero Line Pressure (ZLP) or Zero Pressure Accumulation (ZPA) zone that holds products stationary until the next zone clears. As products accumulate the Zone Control Cards send a low signal upstream until each consecutive zone is occupied.

This conveyor solution means that products will never touch and also relieves any potential line pressure.

Why or where to use 24 Volt Motorised Roller Conveyors

24 Volt Motorised Roller Conveyors can be used when handling delicate products and products of varying shapes and sizes which need to be queued without contact thus avoiding damage or jamming of products whilst being conveyed. Visit our News page to see demonstration videos of a 24 Volt conveyor in operation.

Technical Information

      • Incorporates 50mm diameter rollers
      • Bright Zinc Plate (BZP) tubes
      • Rollers fitted at 75mm or 100mm pitch
      • Drive Medium Dia 5mm round belt
      • Ambient temperature +5 to +40 degrees centigrade
      • Conveyor Speed  Adjustable speeds from 0.03 to 0.65 metres per second
      • For increased drive capacity please contact the Sales Office as alternative drive transmissions are available
      • Max Load Capacity 50kg per zone.
      • Scope of Supply Module is completely assembled and pre-wired
      • Supply include 1 zone sensor per zone
      • Suitable for conveying products with a minimum product length of 150mm (75mm pitch) ** See Diagram **
      • Extruded Anodised Aluminium High Profile, 120mm x 40mm which protrudes above rollers by 35mm, fitted with Plastic Infill Strips
      • Standard Lane Widths (LW) available 310mm, 460mm, 610mm
      • Other Lane Widths and Profiles available on request



The correct roller pitch is very important for trouble-free transportation. Transportation disturbances can be prevented by taking the following measures:

  • Select roller pitch P so that at least three rollers are located below the transport material.


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Key Features

  • Safe, low voltage operation
  • Energy efficient
    Conveyor zone runs only when moving a load
  • Highly modular
    Add or remove zones from conveyor systems with ease
  • Practically maintenance free, compact design with low noise levels.
  • Lower installation and maintenance costs than other types of powered motor conveyor.


Made In Britain: We are a proud member of the Made In Britain Campaign.

Fast Turnaround: Our standard conveyors can be with you within 4-5 working days of order placement.

Easy Assembly: Our standard conveyors are easy to install with the manual provided. If you should require any further help we are just a phone call away.

12 Month Guarantees: All of our products are offered with a full 12 month guarantee.

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You will require a minimum of 3 ZLP zones to gain optimum productivity.